Isle of Avalon

Journey into the Mystic


“There is no unknown, only unremembered.” 

“Sisters your color, I call you to birth the hue that you are… a new color ray…
 a new dance and song we bring to this day…” 

Your full power has been summoned Beloved sisters. There is a request by the great Goddess… to rise up and activate your full Divine Mystical Powerful Self.
The MYSTIC seeks the Truth because it confirms inside what she already knows as intuition and union with the Divine. We are all inner mystics. Each one of us carries within us the potential to intimately co-create with Nature according to the laws of Creation. 
The seed, creative growth is planted by the sacred laws of natural science in the same way the seed of an oak tree is planted in the earth. The ancients planted and tended oak groves, just as they plant and tend the groves of humanity. Women and men today have been sadly neglecting their birthright and our inherited vision of truth.
This Initiation Journey into the Mystic endows you with the Rainbow Rays that opens doors into the Mystical Feminine Creatrix that you are.
Opening your heart and saying “yes” makes room for your dreams to take root, the Universe responds by sending the appropriate support, experiences and opportunities in opening a portal. Step into the mists, lift the veil, into “familiar” realms filled with pathways leading to ancestral roots, a homecoming of your MYSTIC Soul. 
Step out of the mundane and into Magick… the Mystic’s Initiation. Share in the memory and power of these ancient places, as it was set forth long ago.
The Mother is calling...age is no longer a boundary, we are Maiden, Mother and Crone, the triple goddess full in her glory...right here...right NOW... 

Isle of Avalon… Mystic Journey…
Do you believe in Faeries? 
The Chalice Well has a natural white spring and a red spring, offering healing to all who come. It is said that King Author and his knights drank from the well for blessings into battle and that Jesus and Magdalene received blessing from this sacred water.
*Somerset, Glastonbury is one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet. It was a pilgrimage place in Druidic times and even further back in Megalithic times. 
 *Private Ceremony in Stonehenge.
*Prayer and channeling in the Magdalene’s Chapel. 
*Access to the Ancient Abby for meditation, prayer, and ceremony. 
*Ceremony meditation on the Tor.
*Ceremony meditation at the Chalice Well.
*Ceremony at Avebury. Out dating Stonehenge the largest stone circle in the world. 
*Ceremonial Celtic Chanting in West Kennet Long Burrow, an extra ordinary tomb, built around 3600 BC.
* Star Glyph Crop Circle hunting with an expert, to include mediation inside the circle.

Take the Ancient Celtic Druidic pilgrimage to Avalon and anchor in energies of Peace, Transformation and Love of Self and the Mother Earth Goddess … Journey into the awakening of your Goddess Soul as the Mystic...

Your Guide: 
Cher Lyn is a Goddess of Art and Sound vibration in devotion to the Mother. Her given medicine name, translates to, “Keeper of Sacred Altars,” she was given this name as she was observed in the integrity of how she leads ceremonies, how she orchestrates her environment and devotional practice. Her life’s mission is to uplift the consciousness of humanity specifically for this moment in time. The gifts she offers lend as an activation of Light for you to behold the Beloved in your own sacred way for a more joyful journey. She is a communicator and a channel for the Divine flow and she holds space for this blessing in the most humble way.
Years ago, Cher  Lyn made a commitment to rise every morning and pilgrimage to a Sacred Medicine wheel and honour the Mother with her chants and prayers. This selfless devotion began an amazing enfoldment of magical blessings from the unseen worlds. Her devotion to the Goddess is her honour and commitment she has continued everywhere she goes in her private practice as a daily dedication to include ancient Chumash ceremonial land, the magical Hawaiian Islands on Maui, the Isle of Avalon in Somerset, England, and presently in the powerful vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.

Mystic Journey 2011... Summer. TBA.
Fee… includes sleeping accommodations for 13 days. Healthy breakfast, morning yoga/meditation, pilgrimage and ceremony to ancient sites.
 $2700. 00 share double occupancy. 
*%50 deposit required to anchor in your reservation, space is limited.
The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to departure. Payments made less than 30 days before departure must be made with certified check, money order. An early registration assures you of your place on the journey. 
Price Includes: accommodation, breakfast, all transportation throughout pilgrimage including, entrance fees to all archaeological sites visited, specialized guides or ceremonies with elders who may join us on the pilgrimage.
Price does not Include: International airfare, individual transportation to transportation to Glastonbury from London airport. It’s 3 hours travel by car, transport available by taxi or train, meals not specified in itinerary, departure airport taxes, travel insurance, personal items such as laundry, beverages, phone calls, etc. 
Note to remember: Gifts and Offerings to the ancestors are recommended.

For Payment please refer to information below:
Wells Fargo
Deposit Only: Cher Lyn 320 Mapleton Ave. Boulder, Co. 80304 Ph# 928-451-1625
US Routing #122101706
Account #004678052428
International Routing #026009593
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Payment Option #2: Via Pay Pal through Mystic Art Medicine website:  Please add 2% of total cost for processing fees. In paying through Pay Pal you can pay by credit card, debt card or directly through your bank account. 

Setting up at Pay Pal account is quick & easy. Simply click the button for donation/purchase and Pay Pal will walk you through the rest. Once your payment has been received we can set up your reservation.
Payment Option #3: Check or money order payable to Cher Lyn of Mystic Art Medicine for trip cost. Mail to Cher Lyn, 320 Mapleton Ave. Boulder, Co. 80304
Cancellation Policy
Any cancellation must be made by: date TBA so as to allow for another woman to join the journey. 

Required Travel Documents 
All passengers are required to travel with a valid passport. Each person is responsible to have valid travel documents. Cher Lyn is not responsible for trip cancellation or refusal of entry into a country due to lack of proper documentation.

Mystic Art Medicine reserves the right to:
*Modify schedule due to weather or unexpected circumstances or restrictions.
*Require signed waivers.

Currently there are different regulations and charges being proposed from various airlines due to increase fuel cost and security purposes. It is the individual's responsibility to determine those requirements and/or cost for their International flights. I highly recommend one suitcase with rollers for check-in and one backpack for carry-on. Also, it would be wise to bring an additional duffle bag in your check-in luggage for any shopping during our pilgrimage. Sometimes shipping gifts back home is a wiser option than carrying the additional baggage, this is up to you. Key to successful packing is to be flexible, pack light and wise.

What to bring?… Your Open Mystic Heart - layer clothing for day and sweater for nighttime  – good walking shoes - hat - camera - journal.  Sacred medicine objects you may want to use and bless at the sites. 
***Also Glastonbury has beautiful Goddess clothing and supplies for ceremony, so you may want to come with an empty travel home bag to fill with goodies.

This will be a mystical sacred journey. The ACCOMMODATIONS in the Ashram are located in Glastonbury at the foot of Chalice Hill, a place of retreat and celebration, both peaceful and dynamic, the ambience is sacred, to cultivate and draw upon spiritual sustenance, relax, ground in and focus. This is a place that will hold and cherish our intentions to reflect and journey deeper into our mystic selves. 


Delicious food nutritional, is prepared with consciousness and love. All food is blessed, vegan and organic when possible.

Included every morning is an organic breakfast (Super food Smoothie, muesli, cereals, hemp/rice/soya milk, soya yogurt, goji berries, dried and fresh fruit & herb tea). 

Note: when we are in town a delicious lunch will be provided. There are also many affordable restaurants within walking distance, convenient for everyones taste.


* There is a pay phone and Internet facility on site if required.
Please note: This is an ashram and respect the principle of no alcohol, and request that any food brought onto the premises be vegan (of non-animal origin) There is a 10pm curfew in public spaces within the ashram.

  Free time.....         HEALING THERAPIES

In addition to a sauna there is a wide range of first class holistic practitioners and body workers available offering a comprehensive range of sessions. These take place in the sanctuary room.

 Glastonbury this Summer, end of July/August 2011 
   Performing ceremony and painting.
   Ceremonial Studio space, ArchAngel Michael Chapel off High Street        Glastonbury, Avalon, along with the Chalice Well, the Abby, 
St Michaels Chapel and the Goddess Festival. 
See you at the GODDESS FESTIVAL 
Glastonbury, England 2011.
                         Sound Healing concert England ... White Eagle Hallhttp://www.MysticArtMedicine.comshapeimage_2_link_0

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Tim Weaver,  Natalie Shaw and Lui Krieg on bowls

and I, Cher Lyn was the Gong Master.