A commissioned Soul painting is brought forth with the intention to bring through onto the canvas and anchor more strongly into this dimension a persons Higher Self. Every painting is as unique as we are individual. Every experience of initiating and bringing forth a soul painting for me is different. If needed I am shown what energies are ready to be transformed at a cellular level and through intention I initiate the healing through the painting. 

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Know that you are safe, you are supported, and this Soul Painting is something you have chosen to do for yourself.  Honor that.  You are worth it, and you have felt called to do this for yourself for a reason.  There are no accidents.

I meditate with a special prayer intention and ask our Mother/Father/God to assist us in our work. I welcome our Higher Spirit/Avatar Self with an "OM" chant, the universal sound/vibration that connects every living being.   The session has already begun.

I have your name and date of birth written and placed on an altar special to you. Before I begin each day, I set very clear intentions that this work is done for the highest good of all concerned, and that any shifts and changes evolve at the perfect pace for each person involved.  I also set an intention that our higher selves working together be shown/known that which is important for you to know, what ever that may be for your highest good. And together we bring through your Higher Self.   It is a transmission from your Higher Self to the canvas which acts as a personal portal specifically designed by you, for you.

My work and the process is continually evolving.   The Soul painting continues to reveal and unfold for the individual as they are ready to receive. Offering a talisman for life.

* The implementation of commissioned works and soul paintings usually requires in-depth personal talks. A phone call or an email is always the first step. A studio visit by you is, wonderful but not necessarily a requirement.

Studio visits can be arranged after prior appointment.

*Some of the writings of these master alchemists. Mike Booth and Carol McKnight, color interpretations inspired by The Aura Soma Source Book. 2006. 

Soul Painting Gallery

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Queen Grace


16" x 20"    -     Starting at $3500. and up depending on the detail.

Larger commissioned paintings are available

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